Gram Carbon is a post-prototype specialist bicycle manufacturer with a unique design and manufacturing knowhow.
We have used this knowhow to achieve an extraordinary feat: to produce bicycle frames and components that are both aero and incredibly light, stiff and precise, and both
comfortable and absolutely thrilling to ride.The Gram carbon frame was originally conceived by Alexandros Kitselis, a recognised advanced materials expert with a passion for cycling and an ambition to design and realise the best performance bike ever built.
Alexandros Kitselis spent 15 years perfecting design and manufacturing techniques inspired by Aerospace-grade technologies, initially through PhD theoretical and applied studies and through thousands of hours of prototyping.
The techniques perfected are the subject of patents pending. They depart from industry norms applying a uniquely different build approach.The outcome of this work is a bicycle frame which is moulded in one single piece (a true monocoque) to the highest manufacturing and quality standards. Each frame is largely handmade.
The techniques used require a long build cycle time relative to other manufacturers. The properties of the materials and this true monocoque design and build are simply unrivalled by any other bike manufacturer. There is no gluing or bonding of tubes, no compensatory reinforcements required, no excess weight, no imbalances.
Once you ride a Gram Carbon bike you will find that it sets a new benchmark where it
matters most for cyclists and triathletes.

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