Mark SL

GRAM MARK SL has reached the limits

Super-Light, Stiff and Ergonomic GRAM MARK SL has reached the limits.
Due to our manufacturing proccess our race handlebar is super light yet very stiff for absolute control.
Combining materials and technologies we have managed to create a top end quality carbon hanlbar that can take your ride farther.
The ergonomic flattened design of the main body offers a comfortable grip and a strong and stable platform for longer and faster rides.
  • 100% handmade
  • True Monocoque
  • Integrated cable guide
  • Designed and manufactured inhouse
Additional info:
Handlebar available with reinforcements for Triathlon and Time Trial
aerobars on request (approxitmately +20g).

Technical specifications:

Carbon Used
Woven M40J, UD HR40, SHD toughened epoxy system
Carbon Finish
Twil 2x2
150g (±5g)
Clamp diameter
Drop Bar Diameter
Max.recomanded weight (rider with gear)










GramCarbon Performance enhancing cycles
The lightest aero True Monocoque Unique Production Method Delivering Extraordinary Characteristics Performance even at low speeds